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Hi there!


I have been using earbuds since forever (Sennheiser MX 260), but I think I might get better sound via IEMs.


I am looking for some entry-level IEMs. I am very "weird" about IEMs since I get very uncomfortable with the vacuum some of the IEMs I tried created, so I am looking for something that I will not regret buying and then not giving it much use.


Some folks at another thread suggested I used Comply foam-tips, so they need to be able to use them (not sure if this is a universal thing).


As the title says, I mostly listen to Rock and EDM, some Chillout.


Source would be an iPod touch 3rd gen.


Also I live in Europe, so that must be a factor regarding the IEM manufactor. If it can be purchased via even better!


Thanks in advance, any questions you have I will be more than happy to answer :)