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Soundcard or not?

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Hey Head-fi. I have a old speaker setup from 2007, with a Sony STR-DG510 and to Jamo S 718. They are connected to the amp with 5 meter low price speaker cable each. At the moment I run my sound through a Fiio E10. I've thought about buying an Asus xonar Essence STX, but my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H61M DS2, and a full-size GPU. So there is not much room for a soundcard, it will block for the air flow to my GPU i think. Now for my question:


Can i cut my speaker cable and get a improvement there?

Should i instead buy High quality cable?

should i run my sound through the onboard soundcard?

Or will it do something bad to my GPU if i buy Asus Xonar STX?



Regards HeadDude

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Replace the Fiio E10 with a Schiit Modi USB DAC.

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Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post

Replace the Fiio E10 with a Schiit Modi USB DAC.


Get the Schiit Modi if you don't need the headphone jack on the STX.
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Im not planing to get a new USB amp. But i have found this: 

Will this be a good thing to purchase to the STX, so i can get the soundcard away from my GPU?

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