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Hello people.


I didn't find Cowon i9 thread so will make new one to ask.


I have a little problem that some huge .flac files do not play in i9. Player immediately freezes after I try to play them. Files are 100-200Mb of size (GnR album).


Now what's interesting that after I convert files to .wav, player says "invalid file", even though it should play .wav files according to specification.


Any ideas? I am dying to listen to that album in lossless :)


P.S. It plays other smaller flac files just fine, and it plays other .wav music files I got. So far I tried 2 different converters from flac to wav, and both times it says invalid file.


P.P.S. I think the problem has to do with file size. 3 minute track is 100Mb, and 9 minute track is 300Mb. Why is it so much considering other tracks from different artists take 3x less space.

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