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Headphones only work on one side?

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Hi there,


So i've had my Sennheiser HD650s for a little over a year now, and lately i've been noticing that sometimes the left side of the headphone stops working and produces static. However, this problem is remedied when i move the cable around a little bit. Has anyone had a problem like this before? If so, should i send the headphones in for warranty or should i just get a replacement cable? I'm leaning more towards the new cables, however i think there's still a possibility that the problem lies with the headphones themselves. If you have any information related to this topic i'd love to hear your replies.


Thx in advance!

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What end of the cable are you moving to regain sound?  If it's the jack then I would just chop off the 1/8th connector and solder a new one on (or buy a new cable) If it's on the end that connects to the cans it might not be the cable but the pins that hold them in place. Take off the grills and you'll see two little golden "dots" at the bottom of the driver unit where the wires connect, hopefully that's all okay because a cable is much easier to replace than the pins/driver unit.


But if you're too lazy to do all that a new cable will show you where the problem is, but if it continues with a new cable you just wasted $20+

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