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For Sale:
Fidelis silver headphone cable for Sennheiser HD6xx series from AmpCity. Reduced price for quick sale and I cover PayPal and insured postage

Will Ship To: Sorry, UK only

Hi! I am starting to sell some of my cable collection and other components (just sold Burson HA160) because I'm moving house! I'm selling this "Fidelis" silver cable by AmpCity as I plan to go fully balanced in the near future and have already upgraded to a balanced cable with adapter which I now use with my HD650.


The Fidelis looks good and has had little use since I bought the mighty Audez'e LCD-2's!


AmpCity sponsored the first UK National Head-Fi meet and as far as I can recall, my experience with them was always good. I know they went out of business but I've just been looking for any more information I could supply about this cable and was shocked to see a lot of people treated very badly by them. As I said, my experience was always good, but due to the question marks that may hang over their products in some peoples' minds, I am now accepting offers for this cable. But please bear in mind that to the best of my knowledge any problems with AmpCity occurred after this cable was made.


I bought this cable brand new from AmpCity and the photo's show the invoice with the price I paid (£180-).


I was asking for £100- but I've dropped that to £80 or best offer because I need every penny to help fund my house move. I will also pay the PayPal fees and fully insured postage to anywhere in the UK.



Thanks for your interest. Please PM me with any questions, or to buy the cable.

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