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Hi Guys,


I am in search of a good On the ear headphones with superior sound quality and as i watch back to back movies/listen to songs i need that to be a comfy one too. I do not need too much of bass, mid level is sufficient for me. All i need is clarity and quality. 

My budget is upto 200 USD.

I have Audio Technica ATH M50 in mind.


Now what i need from the experts over here is:
1. How ATH M50 fits to my needs ?

2. What are the alternatives we have as per the requirement?

3. Do I need an headphone amplifier as mostly i use it through laptop? If yes then suggest me something within 50 USD.


And out of curiosity which place will be the best place to buy genuine items in a cheaper price? Both Online and Offline.



Thanks in advance,