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  This is the first time ever I have posted a thread on this site and well... I literally just made an account :3

  Anyway, on to the topic. For Christmas, I have given my girlfriend a lot of things already and now she wants to give back. I have always wanted a good cheap pair of earphones as my normal Samsung earphones have seem to gone missing.


  I normally listen to bass/dubstep types of music but occasionally step back into the mids & highs. I use my earphones whenever most of the time, like when I'm on the bus home from school, when I'm walking home or at home etc...


  However, in this case, I wouldn't want those $100+ type of earphones as I do not want my girlfriend to think I'm taking advantage of her (she is kinda rich). So, between the $10-$50 range would be good :) I have been doing research for quite a long time now and I stumbled upon this website for help. I also saw from my research, that certain brands like, Sennheiser, Audio Technica & others are pretty good.


  If you could give a specific model for the brand, that would be well appreciated :D