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A humble request

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First, a few words.


I am a 30+yr old male from US, to whom Bose was the pinnacle of sound engineering. I have everything from Bose, AE, OE, QC (not to mention Sounddock-II, Wave III, Companion 1 &2, MusicMonitor, SoundLink......). Don't bash me please, to my limited knowledge and understanding - they still sound fine.


Here is why I am here. For past 7 hours I was going thru Head-fi - and it amazed me to see the depth and breadth of knowledge here. No way I claim to be an audiophile and nor do I have the technical expertize to even grasp most of the discussions - but I bow my head to all of you. It was an educating and rewarding experience to me, and I wish you all the best to continue such enriching discussions.


I have a humble request. Could anyone of you stalwarts may suggest a high-end headphone for me within 3K budget? I am into true world-music (basically listen any genre/language which appeals me), and I mostly use my Wave III for CDs and Mac + QC for audio files. I was thinking of any of those between tesla T5p/ HD 800/ TH900/ LCD3.


I understand everyone's taste is different, but I am not ashamed to admit that I don't have the sophisticated music knowledge that the members of this board possess - so any suggestion is welcome. I was keen on HD800 but don't have the deep pocket to pair a WA22 with that (which I gathered from this forum is one of the best combo).


Probably you folks get such kind of newbie Qs once in everyday, so trust me, I will not mind even if I don't get a single suggestion. I respect you all and will understand if my Q sounds too naïve to answer.


Take care, all of you. And happy listening.

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Just one more addition. I don't listen on the go so probably a headphone+amp within that budget will also do.

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