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I enjoyed reading blackmarket's recent post, but I have been unable to reproduce their result. I bought the Neutron Music Player from the Play Store (cost is $4.99). Sure enough, if I deselect the Generic Driver under the Audio Hardware settings, the SQ improves but the playback is a bit glitchy. So far, just as blackmarket described.


After that, i think I didn't follow your advice. Using Chrome on my G2, I went to neutronmp.com/downloads and downloaded the version that referred to Neon: NeutronMP NEON.apk


This upgrade also referred to ARM7 and NEON. When I installed this upgrade, Neutron no longer worked, it just crashed.


I tried NeutronMP.apk, this works but glitches like the original. I suspect I didn't download the right upgrade. Can you give us some more details about what you downloaded?


Thanks in advance.

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I recently bought this phone and i am very disappointed with the audio so far, my old htc one x sounds far better. I have installed other equalizer apps to hopefully make the found sound better but they dont work at all, i have turned the phone equalizer off but it doesnt make the other equalizer apps work.


I hear disabling the generic driver helps but i cant find any audio hardware settings, any help to make the phone sound better would be much be much appreciated :)

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Instal neutron or poweramp from the app store. Highly recommend neutron. Sounds awesome
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Is the audio chipset and quality the same as the LG G Flex?

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Originally Posted by elfary View Post

It hissed with my UM3x and SE530. When you pause the playback you can hear a distinct hiss that stops a few seconds after pausing the playback as the amp shuts down.

The good news is that the 2013 Android handsets never hiss and have a pitch black background.

The Note 3 and the S4 Active with the UM3x sounded phenomenal!

Optimism is the depth of technical ignorance


this hiss you talk about - were you using neutron or something? probably not (i'm picturing you standing there next to a cellphone salesman listening to music and i find it hard to believe you're downloading neutron onto the display units)


but i am getting the hiss only with neutron. aside from the hiss, to get neutron to sound decent, i have to go into audio hardware settings and disable the generic driver. however, the hiss is there and it is pretty ridiculous. it must be a bug. 

weird thing is i don't hear this hiss on the included music app.

my g2 is on the current 4.4.2 update - possible the issue was there before and they have fixed it somehow when using the included music app.  


this is on a 400MB 24/96 track through the LG G2 on my UE iems. i'm finding it also sounds great with my grado sr325i (though could use just a little more power)

i came on here to find if anyone else is having issues with neutron on the G2. i am in need of a suitable app since neutron is simply not going to cut it. 


my thoughts - i'm impressed with the g2 through good headphones on the included music app. it isn't as good as playing my music through my laptop - 24/96 optical through my anaconda d12 and grado sr325i, but it is now the next best thing (out of any other combination i am not going to bore you all with). i'm happy, but i admit i wasn't expecting much after being disappointed with previous androids/iphones with or without amps. 

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When I went into the T-Mobile store last year to demo the LG-G2, I downloaded several third-party players in front of the salesperson (who helped by supplying the password for internet access).


I do recall the hissing (and buzzing noise if you go to another program) while the music is playing on the LG G2. There's an absolute solution for the noise problem when using earphones like the SE530 with Android phones. Part of it is to connect the Shure attenuator to control the volume while maxing out the volume on the phone itself. The biggest part of the solution is a program called Viper4Andoid (or V4A). It prevents all of the Android related noise from reaching the headphone out section (including that after songs hiss and click off). V4A also improves the sound quality by a pretty good measure.

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I had an AT&T G2 for about a week, and maxed out volume distorted terribly -- despite not being that loud. 

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Interesting discussion. Ive had a g2 for awhile now with some fxt90's and ie80's. Using nuetron and no hissing at all. Sounds pretty damn good to me.

I havent been able to find its output impedance though. Anyone got that? Might answer some questions
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I've had an LG G2 on Verizon since February. Just recently I started exploring its audio capabilities.

I've listened using a variety of apps. I greatly prefer the interface of Apollo, but it uses the genetic driver. VLC is too plain and also uses the generic driver. Poweramp offers lots of options I'll never use and uses the generic driver. Neutron is confusing to me and glitches when NOT using the generic driver. The included stock music app lacks a few features compared to all these others but offers the best sounding, smoothest playing audio output.

This is the ONE TIME I will stick with a stock app...

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This is true.  I can't remember which website was testing the G2, but they discovered significantly increased distortion with the last 10% (about) of gain. I too thought the maximum volume to be a bit low, but thought perhaps that reflects my poor upper range hearing.

 I use my G2/Neutron/REO with the Kunlun OTG and this offers noticeably better sound over just using the G2. I had a Note 3 for ten days and the poor sound quality was intolerable. G2 is much better.  (My samples).

I experience no gliches.  It plays continuous.  Can't comment on hiss as I'm 63 and my hearing drops off the table at about 13kHz.  You youngsters keep that in mind and don't put your buds in until music is playing, etc.

How do others have G2 configured?  Mine:  I have crossfeed at 700 and 4.50 db. (default?), ARM7+Neon, "audiophile" resample, no dither, no rumble, 64 bit, auto gain @ 2.  I am not afraid to admit I don't really know what I am doing.

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I compared the Etta James album At Last, "Sunday Kind of Love".  This is a 24/96, FLAC. Compared the native player to Neutron and to Poweramp. Interesting.  I can't see where the native player identifies the cut as being 24/96. The third part players do identify the cut as 24/96. It sounds to me like the native player has more dynamic range. That is what I hear on main system as a difference between 14 and 24, This is sure not a good comparison for a number of reasons; gain matching, equalizer, etc.; but, it was interesting to try.

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Hissy headphone out. 

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It would seem that LG does not like your left ear.
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Originally Posted by MisterCats View Post


It would seem that LG does not like your left ear.

I did see this Anandtech post but didnt see any follow up from the author sadly. I agree with the hissing and I can hear it on my Vsonics, V-Moda XS and Beyer DT880s. A DAC/Amp in between and or direct Airplane mode works (not recommended except for late night sessions).  

I am curious to hear about how this from folks who have rooted their LG G2s and messed around with the Audio XDAs that were recently added to increase the output (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2482750). 

Any DAC/Amp suggestions?

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I've just bought the LG G2, but I got the Korean version (f320) with 32 gb, Micro-SD slot and replaceable battery (2610 instead of 3000mah). 

Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S4, the audio is certainly a step up in my experience. 

The stock app sounds excellent, where Poweramp offers mostly the same audio, only a bit less loud.  

I assume all audio passes trough the same DAC as the stock app uses, or am I wrong?

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