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AKG headphones

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I'm in need of some headphones, they have to be AKG though. Getting a discount, and I really only have one thing that is preventing me from making a decision. Looks.

I listen to rap, some dubstep, and some rock. (not much at all)As of now, the AKG K167 Tiesto is looking the best for me. I've read that the sound is awesome, with a decent but not overwhelming bass. The look is decent, and I plan on getting rid of those dots on the headband in the future if I get them. If I were to get these headphones, could I get them re-cabled if the cable were to break? I forget the site, (links are welcome) but it had a "sunrise" or "sun" cable? 

Not really too fond of the two wires coming out of the headband look that comes with some of the AKG headphones, but I may grow to like it, who knows.

So, which  do you guys think would be best for me?

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Maybe the K 172 HD's suit my needs? Can't find a decent review on them, though. How's the bass, durability, and overall sound?

I prefer these over the 272's because they seem smaller, I do not like huge headphones. Over-ear is ok, but if on-ear is much smaller it would be preferred.

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K172 are quite big.

Have a look at the K619 - they've got pretty decent value for money, and are a medium sized on-ear model that suits your genre needs.

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Ok thanks! I have heard they are bass heavy, which I think I'll like. Hows the rest of the sound though? And between the K172 and the K619, which has better bass, overall sound, and comfort? ( I have also heard of the K619's breaking, and not being too comfortable)

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