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For Sale: Audiophilleo 2....price drop

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audiophilleo 2....price drop

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling my Audiophilleo 2, a very well-regarded SPDIF transport. The use of this unit will allow you to by-pass the mediocre usb application of your dac and instead go through the coax connection with less jitter and superior sound. It really is a difference maker and the only reason I am selling is that I am upgrading to the same unit with the Pure Power option.


I am the original owner and the unit will come in it's original packaging with all of the necessary connections.


I shall pay for shipping and the PayPal fees.


Thanks for looking..... 

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You ought to consider shipping to Europe. They're harder to come by outside of the States.
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thanks....we'll see how it goes here for a while and then we'll see....

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And why not South America? we are good people ;)

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terrific people.......

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Originally Posted by philo50 View Post

terrific people.......



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Why not send your AP2 in for the Pure Power upgrade instead of selling it and buying a new one? You did know you could do that, right?
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I knew I could do it and chose not to.......

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Have you had many requests to ship to Europe?
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only one....and that is still on the back burner

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He'll have no doubt asked you to declare a low value too. Lol.
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