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I would agree with most of your impressions, the difference is, that I prefer the Q701 ;).

Although I find the HD650 harder to drive, at least, that is my experience.


On another note, just yesterday I plugged my Q701 in the motherboard soundcard headphone jack, because I didn't want to turn on the DAC and amp for 15 minutes of use. I don't remember ever doing that. So, what I found out is that the Q701 were much brighter then on my original setup and in that regard I would understand, if somebody would think they can be a bit harsh on the highs. I guess, my Violectric amp, being a bit on a warmer side, actually makes my Q701 more enjoyable, because it reduces that harshness.


Anyways, I'm glad you found a good fit for your preferences. However, you must beware of the need to upgrade :smile:. It can be quite a shock for your wallet :D.

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Oh, I still take very good care of my wallet.

I'm selling the Q701 for more than what I paid for the HD650 and will keep only one headphone and also own only one set of in-ears to use outside. Meanwhile, I think the Fiio E10 will do perfectly for now. I don't feel the urge to upgrade, although I'd like to hear the newer, silver driver version of the HD650 as it's said to improve the sound a lot.

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I already sold the Q701 for just 150€ and the HD 650 cost me 200€. Not the deal I was initially expecting, but... whatever. The Q701 lacked a bit in the bass and warmth department, but now the HD650 has too much of both.


So... where do I go now? Where's the middle ground? HD600?

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Regarding sound only, I would say Grado sr225. Very detailed, even more then Q701, and good bass impact. However they are very very discomfortable, so I can't realy recomend them. If I were you I would probably look for the HiFiman HE-400, however they might be a bit over your budget.


I haven't heared the HD600, however I would be a bit sceptic choosing a similar headphones to the HD650. I'm not sure the difference in sound would be significant.

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Thank you for your recommendation! For now I'll stick with the HD650, as my wallet can't handle the hobby at this pace. I also read good things on the Q701 topic about the HD700, but those are quite expensive. We'll see...

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I ended up selling the HD 650 for 210€ (10€ more that what I paid for them, but also included the adaptor they didn't come with) and bought, new, the HD600 (silver screen version). They are just about perfect (for me, anyway). They are exactly what I've been logging for since the beginning. They haven't as much bass as the HD650, but not as little as the Q701. They are smooth, neutral, a pleasure to listen to without any fatigue. There are no harsh treble spikes that make some voices sound shouty, nor there is the bass bleeding into the mids. For me, my journey is over.

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