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^ ditto

The price /performance ratio is horrible compared to open cans.
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^I don't think there's anything wrong with the performance of good full sized sealed headphones (Denon d2000 is awesome value). You know what, that's actually a pet peeve of mine too.


So many Headfi members love to insist that audio performance is the only consideration that should be made when it comes to calculating value. I'm absolutely and totally fine with paying some premium for great looks, built quality / materials, features, accessories etc. But that's just it, some. The price still has to be in the same ballpark as the performance, but it's totally fine (and to be expected if anything) if technically the price to performance is marginally lower than your typical "Ugly as sin headphone with average build quality and no noteworthy features or accessories and really aren't that portable in the first place" headphones that are constantly recommended on Headfi. 


I think it's fine to charge $300 for $200 sound that has really, really nice bonuses in those other areas. It's not ok to charge for it to be $100 sound, though. That's where it's just not worth it, and you're actually paying more for the looks and features than you are the performance.

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Originally Posted by HeretixAevum View Post

I mean if the cable is like this:

As for straight cables with excess length (much preferable over a coiled for me) here's how I've fixed mine:

<br />


A couple of Velcro cable ties and you're in business. No need to have it laying on the floor, and you can always extend it out to it's full length for the times you need it.


I am using the coiled cable that came with my K712 because in its "steady state" it's only like 1.5m long and I sit at my desk with the gear close by. The non-coiled cable is long enough to go from the earth to the moon I swear! This leads me to a pet peeve and that is the photo above :-P

I would MUCH prefer a straight line of cable ~1cm wide on my desk than a 20+cm loop of wire hogging all kinds of space!
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The loop is 10cm across. It's tiny and takes up no room at all. 

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No. Those loops mock me and torment my soul :-(
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Well, those coils torment (read: torture) my eyes, so there! :p

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I don't know if anyone mentioned this but, 

my biggest pet peeve is when I watch a video on youtube from an audiophiles channel, and they praise how good their setup is at picking up nuances in audio yet, the video's audio is crap even when I use my portable quick setup ( Hp700 -> IP4S) 

second pet peeve is when people say that headphone sounds really good but when you listen to it, it sounds wonky, hissy, and boomy, especially when the person acknowlesges themselves as a "Music Freak"

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