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He-400 vs hd600

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Hi I was wondering which of these headphones are better?

I mostly listen to classic rock with some jazz and blues.

I have a hifiman ef2a headphone amp.

And would like a warmer sound.

My current headphones are audio technica ath-700x's

If there are any other cans similar to what I'd like feel free to tell me.

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It's entirely preferential. Some will prefer one to the other. Simple as that. I prefer the HE400, because I just like how the planars sound regarding mids and low frequency response, which is superior (to my ears) to dynamic drivers in general. But that's just my opinion and preference, it's not a technical truth.


Based on what you described, look into the Phillips Fidelio X1 or the Sennheiser HD650 (used).


Very best,

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Read about both cans and many more in this excellent piece:


Then, if possible, go try them for yourself.  Stores and Head-Fi meets are your friends in that regard.

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Buy both from somewhere with a good return policy, and send the loser back. That's the only way to really know. I have an HE-400 and find it well suited to the genres you listed, but I haven't heard the HD600 and individual preferences are everything. 

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Thanks for all the help guys! I'll bother you all for one more question. Between the fidello x1's and the hifiman he-400's which one. I'm kinda thinking fidello's
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One is a quality lifestyle can made for "indoor and outdoor listening" and the other an entry level audiophile can with a somewhat colored or "fun" sound signature.  They are aimed at different markets.

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ok thanks a lot I'll probably get the he-400 soon
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I have both. I believe the HE-400s are better suited to inorganic sounds. Newer Hiphop and all types of electronic music. I feel the HE-400 falls below the mark for Soul, Funk, Rock. The HD600 might not be as precise and articulate but it engages me more. I FEEL the music. Hard to explain.

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