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After looking through a lot of the appreciation thread I think I am going to be purchasing these. Is there any reason I shouldn't work out with these? A little sweat shouldn't hurt them I am not gonna go overboard with them. I never wear headphones at my current gym but there is a chance where I would in the future. Right now I have a pair of Shure 840s and they seem too neutral for my taste also get uncomfortable when I have them on for more than an hour or two which I frequently do at work. I am hoping these will have more bass than the 840s too and be more fun to listen to. I listen to a lot of rap and electronic but really just about everything. I also have a Fiio E12 amp I'll use with them. I originally posted this in the appreciation thread but got an admin message about posting here since I'm a new member. My old in ear headphones were Klipsch IMAGE S4 but after listening to the Shure it is painful going back to them.
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