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CAL vs HD598

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Hello everyone,


My first post, so please forgive me if I do step on anyone's toes. I use headphones for 65% gaming and 35% music. I am coming from Klipsch Image S4 which broke a month ago. So started my journey to find a decent pair. I found this site and things just exploded for me. I got interested in over the ear headphones and got lucky enough to test the HD598. I was blown away by the clarity and soundstage. However, it comes with steep price that goes over my budget of under 100 bucks. I read a lot about various headphones and came down to two that meet my preference. CAL and HD598. The CAL's are $80 dollars where I can get used HD598 for $150. The only thing is that i have not gotten a chance to test CAL out and thought if the forum can help me get some kind of feel as to what to expect out of them when comparing themt o HD598. I don't have music that is 320kbit. i generally use the non-premium spotify which i don't see anything wrong with it. But damn those HD598 sounds amazing. One thing I love/"not love" is the open style of theirs. I love that i can naturally listen to the sounds, however, if there are people in my room talking or that i don't want to disturb anyone, this headphone will interrupt them. Now, I can live with that if i know that CAL is not good for me. The stuff i read about CAL is all so appealing for the price. Please help me decide.

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Welcome to Head-Fi!

While I do prefer the Sennheiser over the CAL!, particularly because I'm a soundstage freak, the Creatives are quite good for a closed headphone, as is clarity. The CAL!s will have more bass than the HD598 and won't leak sound nearly as much due to the closed design. Midrange, detail, and effortlessness are a class above on the Senns, but for the price, I don't think you can beat the Creative Aurvana Live!
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Both are quite different. The CAL's are bassy and have a smaller soundstage. The HD598 have better clarity overall and a more spacious sound. It all depends on what genres of music you listen to.
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