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I've been hooked on headphones since first hearing a pair of STAX SR40's in the mid 1970's. My current gear includes

Sennheiser 414 50th anniversary editions, Yamaha  HP1's and Sleek Audio SA-1s. 

I've been using a Fiio E3 (I think) amp and have just bought a JDSLabs CmoyBB amp.

I also listen to speakers, currently owning a pair of Allison IVs and Sonus Faber Concertos. 

I'm in the DFW area and am thinking of going to the Head Fi show there this coming weekend,


I've build some HiFi gear starting with Bottlehead Foreplay preamp and my initial project here will be to

build new cables for the Sleek SA1s. I've spent most of today researching connectors and wire, which leads me

to my next question which I'll post in the DIY forum.