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I am looking for an amplifier/receiver to connect my computer to both my studio monitors to play mp3s/movies off my computer through an spdif out or an HDMI out or standard 7.1 3.5 mm. jacks.  I would prefer a digital output seeing as I don’t want to lose on sound quality.

There are two studio monitors.  They are of the Pro Audio brand. The monitors have a tweeter horn, midrange woofer diameter of 6 inches and 12 inch diameter woofer on the bottom.  The front plate has the following information on it:


1.      power 250 watts program

2.      min pwr 5 watts

3.      nominal impedance 8 ohms

4.      sensitivity 95 dB 1W/1M

5.      Digital Ready

6.      Liquid Cooled


I could not find a model number on these speakers.  I also cannot tell if these speakers are of high quality.


Can you please recommend an appropriate amplifier to fulfill this purpose that will help me experience the true potential of these studio monitors? Looking at how big that woofer is, I feel the bass is not reaching its through potential and I am hoping there is something I can buy to improve overall sound quality.  For the past 5 years, they have been connected to a panasonic sahe75  5.1 receiver that outputs 100 watts per channel. I want a worthwhile upgrade that can show me what I’ve been missing.