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Are Wooden Headphones worth it?

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I'm looking for a new pair of headphones. I toe the line between audiophile and being aesthetically biased. I looking for something that sounds good (warm sound, something that sounds good with classical music, with a full healthy tone for the lows, with a soft whistle of highs ). I prefer with closed back, mostly so that the others around me can't hear my music (noise cancellation coming in isn't a big deal to me though).  Also something that is aesthetically pleasing. I also prefer over the ear, but on ear is ok as well because of my small ears. 


I've been looking into wooden headphones. Some people are raving about how the sound is better because the material works with the music like any wooden instrument would made out of the same type of reverberating material. Is this a bunch of bull? Has anyone listened to music through wood material headphones?


Here are a few links to different ones I'm looking at


Meze 73 Classics


LSTN Troubadors


ESmooth ES-661BG


ESmooth ES-880BBL


Tribeca Wooden Aviators


Fischer Audio Jubilate


Fischer Audio-002W Zebrano



So, has anyone heard anything about these? Do any of them work as well as "legend" says they do? Comfort as well as clarity?

This may be a lot of info to take in, but are they worth it? Has anyone been able to compare any of these to some other high quality headphones like a Sennheiser or something? Do they stack up? I've listened to a lot of over the ear styles, but I've never experienced the kind of sound a wooden material might create.


I'm trying to keep the price under $300. $500 at the most


Thank you so much!





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None of those headphones worth their price (Maybe the fa002w but the zebrano cups cost alone 200$ and the headphones 150$ so what's the point)


Save your money, there are really nice headphones out there with premium look and better sound quality. 

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What headphones would you suggest for audio and design aesthetic?

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Sennheiser Momentum

Onkyo HF300

M-100 has an aggresive design. 

KEF m500 look pretty nice too.

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Thank you so much! Have you heard anything good on the Sennheiser On-Ear headphones? I'm sure the sound quality isn't close to the original Momentums, but I'm curious to see if they are more worth it instead for me.

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Get the original over the ear momentum.
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Interesting consideration.

I didn't knew about Tribeca & Fischer, so thanks !

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Some "decent" deals going on over at the Senny outlet. http://en-us.sennheiser.com/outletstore

Momentums for $243
Amperior for $178
code: BFRITESTAMP (worked for momentum and amperiors only when I tried)
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That's really awesome. Thank you for looking into that for me.  I've been really looking into Momentums  because of their raving reviews and style. If you think they are worth it, maybe I'll go that route

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Look to the AudioTechnida ESW9A (on ear) and W1000X (over ear).


Real wood.

Very smooth, rich mids.


One thing to beware is fake wood on the cheap things, and poor stepping on the cups if made of real wood. Real wood costs a lot of money. The FA002W's are excellent. I have a pair myself. I also have D5000's. And the ESW9A. I like wood headphones.


One thing to know though,  understand that a lot of audio discussion is ripe with exaggeration. Wood has a character to it, but it's not profound. It's a slightly warmer signature, it seems to me.


Very best,

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That's extremely helpful. So you say you like the FA002Ws. If you don't mind me asking, what was the total cost of yours? Were the wood cups an added cost? Would you say they were worth it? Do they have a warm sound? Also, are they comfortable? I sit with headphones on all day at work and I need something that isn't going to weigh me down or put an extreme amount of pressure on my head.

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