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Colorfly C4 turned to brick

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Hi everybody,


I bought a Colorfly C4 about 3 years ago and only used it for a few months since it turned to brick twice after each time I updated the firmware (apparently I didn't learn). I tried to contact their Europe company and they told me they don't have any local distributor in North America for some reasons (Chinese toll-free after sale service seems to be taking forever to reach a staff). Which means I have to rather send it abroad to get it fixed or find a way myself. The problem it has right now, as shown on the title, it's totally a brick, does not respond to charging, cannot be turned on, cannot be connected to a computer (even with a usb port) and of course cannot be resetting by pressing the reset button. Dunno if anyone has experienced the same issue I have or have some knowledge on fixing a brick oneself. The first time it got normal was because I sent it back to the factory in China, which took me 6 months to receive it.... can someone help? 





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I have never owned a Colorfly C4 but I have had a player 'bricked' like you describe. The player goes in to this state because for some reason the programmable rom becomes corrupted and the player then can't start or do anything. i had a Teclast T51 that this happened to while trying to update the firmware. Surprisingly in this case a rebranded manufacturers firmware (Nationite's) restored the player. By basically reseting the player repeatedly while running the firmware update software eventually it was able to install useable firmware. Try reverting back to earlier firmware revisions and follow the correct sequence of operations (whatever that is for the C4). I try to avoid updating firmware unless absolutely necessary. Let us know how you get on.
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Hi Sefelt103,


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I mailed it back to China already. After days of communicating with the Colorfly after-sales staff in both Europe and China through email, they decided it's better to ask me ship the C4 back to China and let the engineer check. Beside the repair request, I also asked them to update my firmware for me if possible. Though they don't think it's doable since mine was the first released version and after 3 years there are some hardware changes already. I think I will just learn my lesson and try to avoid upgrading my C4. However if possible I will definitely find someone replace the weak plastic screen with a piece of gorilla glass.. (switching from software upgrade to hardware upgrade? XD)     


(and yes..if one day, I mean one day, I upgraded the firmware and turned it to brick again, I will give myself a bitch slap and use your solution for sure. )

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