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Hello Head-fi community,


I just joined this community after an extensive research for a new DAP system. I'm personally a DJ so my DAP of choices before has always been my trusty Iphone. 


However, since I have stumbled upon HQ DAP's, I have been dying to find out more and want to switch my gear so i can utlize the bit rate my music are in (all AIFF).


My question is how does Doubletwist work with AK120? I need a good easy system for me to sync or allow me to play my music on the AK 120. Obviously it won't be as smooth as the Iphone, but I want something that actually will work fine, and allow me to make playlists on my laptop, and then transfer those playlists over to AK 120. 


I read on these forums that Doubletwist is the one to go for, but couldnt find anymore info. I was wondering if there are any users in these qualities

1. Mac User (snow leopard preferred)

2. AK 120 user

3. AIFF music format


Thanks guys for the read! hope to get some answers before i jump the gun for AK 120