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I have a sibilance problem! It's most pronounced on female vocals, and is driving me nuts. I don't have more than one of any piece of equipment so I can't selectively swap to help diagnose, so hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. Here's my setup:

Source: iPhone 4S playing Spotify HQ, MOG, and local files through a Pure i20 via SPDIF, OR USB from a laptop into my DAC, also MOG and Spotify HQ and local files (problem pronounced equally in those two sources)

Cable to DAC: Monster USB or Burson SPDIF coax (depending on source above)

DAC and Amp: Burson HA160DS

Power: Stock Burson cable right into the wall (have tried several outlets, same sibilance)

Headphone cable: Stock Audeze unbalanced

Headphones: Audeze LCD2 Rev 3

What can I try? Willing to buy and sell equipment to figure it out!