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For Sale:
*SOLD* Ultrasone HFI-2400 with coiled Neutrik cable and V-Moda Cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is the Ultrasone HFI-2400 headphones.

Included is the headphones with the original packaging, carry bag and two cables (3m 1/4in and short 1/8in portable cable).

Two other aftermarket cables are included:

- Ultrasone Coiled Neutrik Cable

- V-Moda Audio Only Cable (Grey and Black) with 1/4in adaptor


The headphones are in great condition, no marks bumps or scratches anywhere that I can see (I baby my things). They've had about 7 months of moderate use, but I not longer have need for them as I need a sealed headphone and need the cash, so off they go.


They currently go for $289 on Amazon, not including the two extra cables I'm including (the coiled cost me a ridiculous $79!).


They're a great open headphone (awesome imaging) with a nice warm bass response, quite versatile. MalveauX is quite fond of them and has a pair himself. 


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm willing to post them anywhere, we can negotiate shipping costs (I'm competitive with shipping). Come snatch yourself this under-appreciated headphone for a good price!

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