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I'm looking to make a rig for 2 purposes


1.  for use with my 300 watt stereo system's output after being input through my mbpro.  (this stereo system is 13yrs old; nothing special)


2. for use with my iphone 4s/ipods


I have Urbanears Zinken headphones that are new.


I am looking to buy as needed/if needed an amp, a dac, and perhaps an LOD


I'm looking to spend 200 or less, wiggle room available if it squeaks me up to a higher tier.


I'm looking for portability for short (2-4hour) listening sessions.  I'd also consider hooking up headphones to my amp for in-room listening, but perhaps something inline between my mbPro and my 300 watt stereo?  Is that recommended?  I'd like to accomplish all of this with the same funds, and preferably equipment that functions for both solutions.


Any help would be much appreciated as the forums have provided me with information overload.




I've so far come up with


FiiO L11 for an LOD


an E17 for DAC and AMP  or a JDS C5?


should I consider an e5/6 with a standalone DAC?


misc cables...