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I got these TDK ST-550's at staples for 60 bucks, and they sounded good to begin with for that money,even at retail their prices is justified. But I wanted something that sounded more balanced and accurate. Here is what I did. (Sorry, I can't insert the pics, will fix if I can get "permissions" for my account. XD).


1. Remove the ear pads to access three screws, these screws need to be removed to access the housing. (They come off easy).


2. If you don't care to paint your chrome pieces, skip this step. But to remove the chrome pieces, simply undo the clips that keep them in place, note the letters on the headphones and on the chrome pieces, they correlate to each other to tell you where to put them back. (I painted mine flat black). 






3. Back to the sound mods, if you did step two, put the pieces back in now (they just snap in place). After that, get a felt sheet. I got one from Walmart for 23 cents. Cut the felt out to the desired fitment and hot glue in place. I also filled the little gap in the center with hot glue before gluing the felt.



4. Put the housing back together, then put the pads on. If you wish, you can put some cotton behind the pads to make them thicker. 


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5. ENJOI THE NOISE!          \m/   O    \m/
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