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Cheap upgrade cable for SE425s?

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I have the SE425s and am looking for an upgrade cable, but not for the regular reasons.

The main reason I need one is the standard cable is simply too big, and won't really fit in any iPhone cases.

I'm hoping to spend around $30

I've found two cables, neither of which are great, but both do the job. The UE 900 VI cable, and the fiio RC-SE1.

From what I can tell the UE cable is a bit better than the stock cable, being a bit lighter and with much better microphonics. As well, it has the whole remote thing, something that I would take advantage of.

The FIIO has better sound quality, although much worse build quality and horrible microphonics, from what I can tell.

I live in Canada, but my brother lives in the US, so whatever I get I'll get shipped to him and then he'll send it to me.

So, which one should I get? Am I missing anything? And are there other better recommendations?

I tried out the ADL iHP-35, which were great, but I don't think I can justify spending $115 on a cable.

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You already know the differences between them. It's up to you.

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Originally Posted by squallkiercosa View Post

You already know the differences between them. It's up to you.


x2 its a decent upgrade cable for not ALOT of money

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Exactly. The 2 cables probably won't change the sound much anyway.
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FWIW, I have both the SE425 and the UE900.  Just because I like to fiddle, I swapped cables between them a few times.  The Logitech cable works just fine with no noticeable change in sound.

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