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Hello, i have following problem - i can't decide which headphones choose. At beginning I should remember that english isn't my native language so probably post will contain a lot of mistakes. Nowadays I use Cresyn C750H and they have been quite good but I guess that earphones will be better for me. I made some research and selected:

- Yamaha EPH100

- Shure se215 (my favorite)

- Etymotic HF3 (I'm looking for other kind of sound but they apparently are brilliant )


I don't know english audio terms but I'd like natural highs, clearly marked bass ( bass is for me very important) and pure sound. I know I write imprecisely. For facilitation - I listen to rap, sometimes rock and very, very rarely some dubstep. I can spend hmm... 100$. I'd like to good quality in my potential earphones. They'll be used in my ipod classic (6g?) 160gb. I'd like to sorry us for my english again :)

Give me other models of earphones or choose the best of my types.

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