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For Sale or Trade: FS/FT Sennheiser HD650

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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT Sennheiser HD650

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking to sell or trade my Sennheiser HD650 (silver drivers). Listened to them for two hours. They are just not for me. Could be that my Aune T1 aren't doing them justice, but I think they just don't excite me. For sale for 240 euro excluding shipping and paypal fees. Pretty much priced to sell quick! Price is firm obviously.


Also for trade. Looking for open cans with great soundstage or great bass. I would like to try the ATH-AD900x or anything else. I'll pay extra if necessary and the other way around. Also open for anything else like a DAC or an AMP with the same value. Maybe the Schiit Lyr.


I'm the second owner of these babies (born in December 2012) and they are in pristine condition: 9/10. They come with their lovely box as you can see on the pictures. I will ship anywhere. I'm shipping from Spain.

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Just bought a HE-400 from Headfi'er Nilov, so I won't be needing one of these anymore!

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