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Best Quality Earbuds

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I am hoping that somebody here can help me out with some suggestions.



Here are my requirements:



Must allow ambient noise in as will be used for running, so all IEMs are out unless there are any where ambient noise can be heard  (this would be the perfect solution!).


Must be either hooked behing the ear, securely supported in the canal or similar as normal earbuds always fall out and I dont want larger over the ear headphones.


Best Quality sound possible ( I like deep base) for under 200USD.


I had  pair of Koss before which were very good, but I would like to try something smaller. I have been looking at the Yurbuds which look good, but am worried about the sound quality.



Thanks for the help!

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I **** you not, get the apple EarPods. The bass on them his very good. You can hook them behind your ears by switching the left to used on your right ear and vice versa.

EarPods are probably the best thing apple ever created. Considering I'm an apple fanboy wink.gif
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yeah, they look pretty good but I would prefer something that is better supported to be sure that they dont keep falling out

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