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Originally Posted by paulsancheezzee View Post

I got lucky and the radio shack at the South Bay Galleria here in So Cali had one left. The box, however, was already open. Looks like it isn't a return but can someone confirm that all looks good? And are the ear cups really that small? I was under the impression they were over-ear vs on-ear.


Thanks in advance!


OMG I went to South Bay Galleria today and they said someone else got them right before I went there today.

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damn good deal

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Originally Posted by xD4rkFire View Post

How do these headphones fare for just desktop use?


Im using them at work right now.  Honestly, like another user said, I think the ear cups need some break in time.  After about an hour or so they do make your ear a little sore, but I attribute that to the headband needing a little stretching and the ear cups being a bit softened.  They sound fantastic though especially at that price.

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Damn, just found this trend.  But luckily my nearest RS has it in stock.  Got to go check it out to see if they really have it in stock.

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Yes, just picked some up too! thanks!

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Originally Posted by Netforce View Post


OMG I went to South Bay Galleria today and they said someone else got them right before I went there today.

L0L sorry... I drove by during lunch yesterday to grab them :)

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It's not listed as in stock at mine when I search for it, but I live pretty out there, so I'm hoping no one picked it up yet :) 

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called over 10 radioshacks in the city last night, all goneeeeeeee...! was really looking forward to picking up some non-iem's too

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Radio Shack in Conroe, Tx had a pair of M80's that sold yesterday. Likewise the Woodlands sold their last pair yesterday. Don't seem to be any in Houston either. In my frustration, I picked up a pair of Klipsch S4's for $11.98. (Last pair) & 2 pair of V-Moda bassfreq metal's for $5.98 each. Not a bad day! I guess I didn't really want the M80's, as on-ear are the least comfortable for me. 




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I've gone to a bunch of RS looking for the M-80s and the quality of the salespeople/managers varies tremendously. There have been some very helpful people and some that were just plain nasty. At one store, they had an empty box on the clearance table and had the headphones in the back--for anti-theft purposes (so they said, seemed odd to me). When I asked if they were demo phones, they damn near bit my head off and said they never sell demos. I checked to make sure it was fresh and it was ok, but I got the stinkeye--lol. On the other hand, a very nice lady at an out of the way store is sending M-80s to my local store.


I remember auditioning M-80s and not liking them, but for $40--they're a good deal.  Bass is little boomier than I like and they could resolve a little better, but they're not bad and the build quality and accessories are first rate.

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My local SR in FairFax only has their demo unit left, but I was lucky enough to pull the last pair from a DC store, and they should have it for me in a couple of days.  Make sure you call ahead and not rely on the online inventory, as the last demo pair will count as in stock for a given store, so you have to talk to a person in the store to have them double check their inventory.

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Some employees were quite nice and went out of their way to try and help, some more than others. Few times I felt bad for employees that were swamped and there were kids running around throwing things around or an old lady who was complaining that the guy helping her wasn't helping her since she wanted to reset her iphone and at the same time not lose the memory on her phone.

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Second on calling ahead.  Looked online at a store near me and they said they had them.  Went over and they said they have one pair but its broken/not functional and that's why their inventory shows as having it in stock.  Thankfully it wasn't too far away so I didn't totally mind.  Was just mildly disappointed.  They were very helpful and called a few other stores for me at least.  Of course they were out too, but still, I appreciated the effort.


Decided to call that store back up today as they said one store told them to call back (when they were trying to track it down elsewhere and get them shipped there for me).  On my follow up they told me all of those stores were out so it was a no go.  I ended up trying the RS in my town instead (much smaller store, never showed it as in stock online) and they directed me to another RS that never showed up on my original search.  Called them up, they had them and were nice enough to hold them on the side for me. I drove the 30 minutes over and just picked them up.  Its weird what does/doesn't show up when you do the store locator.  Even though the store I got them from was within 25 miles of my zip code, it didn't pop up until I entered in a zip code for that town/a town right next to it.  These were all in north NJ for what its worth.  May be another store or two in the (general) area that has something, as I didn't expect to still get these today.  Last pair at the store I was at in Clifton though in case that still shows as available online.  

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I called to six different radioshacks and not one had them in stock, but since my dad works all over the place I was able to find a radioshack with one in stock and total came to $50 with an insurance plan. Thank you head-fi
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The store locator doesn't seem to work out to a 25/50 mile radius--at least for me. I had better luck punching in a bunch of zip codes and then calling to confirm, making sure they check the actual stock.
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