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Could be, too rich for me may be just right for you (not that I can't enjoy then in small doses, but I prefer closer to neutral...ymmv)
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Could be, too rich for me may be just right for you (not that I can't enjoy then in small doses, but I prefer closer to neutral...ymmv)


Yes, I see where you coming from. And yes, I like a tube-like sound alot : )

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I am here lol to talk about the w20's. I am a clarity, an instant note decay, a nice thin note, give me (as much as freakin possible) just what is in the recording--except, that coloration is of no concern to me, as I know of no reason not to use equalization--kinda guy. I went with the w20's cuz of Goldenears spectral decay plot (they've only got the review up on their Korean site so far [very easy for a non-Korean speaker to navigate the reviews on the Korean site]).

I have other earphones that seem to have that real rapid decay (and that Goldenears published charts claim do), but I believe that these have more resolution even than a bunch of other ones that seem to have that rapid note decay throughout the frequency spectrum, I think these have more resolution and I think it is cuz of how scaple like the initial impulse is throughout much of the spectrum with these.

These definitely have some of the better soundtage and instrument-separation abilities of the earphones I have (anyone else wonder, if maybe instrument separation abilities are simply a matter of the note clarity, of how quickly the transducer is able to go silent?).

HERE'S THE THING THOUGH, they have significant distortion issues in the bass. See, they also have way elevated bass though, like, if you get a good seal, especially so. So, you gotta get yourself a good seal, then you have to equalize down the bass hard (I'm actually using two equalizer applications on my phone just to get the bass down to what seems to me flat), otherwise there is a lot of distortion at some bass frequencies. And, btw, on this topic, the amount of really low bass these can put out is f$@*!n fab (the real high distortion, unequalized, isn't in the sub-bass). And, finally, the bass could have a bit quicker decay. I don't mean to just gloss over that, tight bass is something I very much love, but the fabulous resolution throughout so much of the spectrum, mainly that, but also the soundstage and instrument separation....
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But, the bass is probably tighter than like 95% of earphones out there smily_headphones1.gif
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Oh, wow, for non-participants in on head fi, that ain't me--I see now--that..I laugh didn't intend for the emoji above
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