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Awesome, thanks for the pics. I will then buy a case like yours. I am liking the red you have going which I will do the same as well. These are some great IEMs.


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Once you switch to FiiO cable, which btw looks like this (using red faceplate for Right side ;)):



you will realize that UE900 storage box going to be too tight because RC-SE1 connector is bigger, and cable is thicker and more springy.



Get any $5 hard shell round zipper case from amazon or ebay (those 3" in diameter) and it will work great for traveling or everyday use.  With a mesh pocket inside, I typically wrap the wire (the usual 3-finger wrap) and stuff the wire and connector inside of the mesh pocket, while W40 headphones are on outside so they are well protected from rubbing against wires or connector.  W40 gets VIP treatment ;)


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the one in a picture is a premium one by Slappa: - its has a nice soft lining to baby your W40 :)

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Do you know when will the w60 be available ? I was going for w40s but I think I will stretch my budget for w60s smily_headphones1.gif

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O_O Thanks for the heads up!!


Let the saving commence...





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I'm brand new here, so forgive me if I'm missing something...


I've been rather interested in the W30 too. Have you seen that it's on Westone site now, and 'in stock' on their online store?


So keen to see a comparison of these to the W40!

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the one in a picture is a premium one by Slappa: - its has a nice soft lining to baby your W40 :)



Awesome pal, thank you so much.

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This is my first post and I hope that you can help.


I am looking to upgrade my iem's.  Currently,  I have a pair of Klipsch S4's and I am finding them a little too "bassy" for me. I have a pair of Audio Technica ESW9's and really enjoy the sound of them better. After hours on Head-Fi, I settled on the Westone W3 because I listen to mostly rock and I do like some bass. After reading some more, I noticed that reviewers were giving the Westone W40's a lot of praise due to the improved bass.  I ordered the W3s from Amazon for $200 today and the W4s are $500.  Are the W40s worth the extra money?  Even though it would be stretching the budget, I do not mind spending the money if the W40s are worth it.


Also, are there are any other suggestions of iems where the sound is comparable to the ESW9 that I should be looking at.


Thanks for any advice.

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What kind of rock?

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Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Classic - Zepplin, Who, Black Sabbath. I also listen to a little rap. Not too much jazz or classical.


Also from reading other posts.  Most of the time I will be listening usingmy computer using iTunes and a Dragonfly v2 DAC.

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Hmm so from the metal and classic rock I'm guessing you will probably want more neutral mids...the W3 should be to your liking, and it will sound great with rap, too. Great kick drums. The W4 is warmer and more suited to music like Pink Floyd, classical, acoustic, jazz, etc.


If you decide they're not for you, Amazon is really easy to return to. Between the $300 and the fact that your genres benefit from neutral mids vs warm mids, I'd say give the W3 a chance. It tends to be a love-it-or-hate-it IEM, so you should know well within the 30 days whether it's for you or not.

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That is what I was thinking.  However, you mentioned the W4, but I was asking about the W40, which other people mentioned that had more bass than the W4.  Did you mean W40 instead of W4?


Thanks for the help.

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Went back and edited my post. I used W4 half of the time.  So, I would be deciding between the W3 and the W40. Sorry for the confusion.

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Haven't heard W40 but supposedly its similar, just more forwards sounding with more bass.
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Another option would be to consider W30.  Since bass emphasis (and perhaps saving some money) is one of your main concerns, I might be able to run a comparison between W40 and W30 in a near future.

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Have you heard the W30?!?!?!
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That would be awesome!! Thank You. I don't mind spending the money, I just want to make sure that the W40 or W30 is worth the extra money, since I feel like I got a really good price on the W3 ($200).  Also, I really like the sound of my Audio-Technica ESW9 headphones.  Do manufactures have the same sounding headphones and IEMs? I have seen many discussions about AT IEMs, are they not up to par with Westone, etc.

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