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Inexpensive portable amp/DAC with FiiO X3

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Do you guys reckon it is worth using a small, portable external DAC or amp with the FiiO X3 when on the move?   Headphones I'll be using:

- Shure SE535

- Shure SE315 or something similar

- Sennheiser HD518

- V-Moda M80

- Senn Momentum

- ATH-A900X


I have a FiiO E12 and can get a FiiO E17 if need be, but am not really sure if there is going to be a significant improvement - if at all - by using these devices.    My assumption is that I'll need to get up to a $500 level or so in order to actually get a benefit.   


Sound about right?


Edited to add:  I have a bigger amp for desktop-based listening - am mainly trying to figure out the best option for portable listening.

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Do you have the X3? It's plenty powerful and you don't have too many hard to drive cans listed there. I wouldn't be concerned about getting an amp until you've established that you really need one.

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For the Momentum and HD518 there is no need for anything more than the X3. I have the 518 and the Momentum On-Ear (same impedance as the Momentum) and both sound beautifully on the X3. The HD518 needs 5 more units of volume to have the same SPL as the Momentum On-ear, but the sound is great.

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I've ordered the X3 and should have it arrive by the end of this week.   Was trying to figure out if i should order another amp or not.   Guess the answer is "no".   Cool - thanks!

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I have the X3 and I find the iBasso T5 as amp to sound better with RE262, more open and detailed.

The DAC is excellent. iBasso T5 is very portable and by using the line-out and an external amp, you get more playtime with your X3. About 20 hours instead of 10-12.

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Aha, didnt think about the battery life aspect!   Makes sense - thanks for that.


I already have a FiiO E12 - i dont suppose there is going to be a huge sound difference between that and the T5, I reckon.

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I briefly tested the E12, I found it to be marginally better than the X3 and not worth the extra bulk. 

To my ears T5 sounds better with RE262 than E12, but I hav not tested extensively. I am so happy with my X3 and T5 and don't see myself carrying around the E12. Battery life of E12 is less than T5 as well.

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What is the best portable amp to drive JVC SZ1000, I have X3, but I can not feel the sub bass of this headphone.
As this has seperate subwoofer driver.
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