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For Sale: FiiO E12 Mont Blanc [SALE]

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For Sale:
FiiO E12 Mont Blanc [SALE]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi Head-Fi.
I've had my FiiO E12 Mont Blanc for probably 24 hours, used it for 5-7 hours.
Instead of returning it and paying a $25 return fee, I'd like to give it to a head-fi member.
I can wrap it up and it'll be like you're opening it for the first time. I kept all the original plastic and packaging - yes, it's that new.
I'll ship to anywhere, with tracking. Fees may cost more on postage depending on your country, I'm sure we can work out an overall price.

It has all the accessories and is in mint condition - as new, probably used it three times.
I'm selling it because I don't want to return it to be sold again to someone else, I'd rather a head-fi'er had it.
The amp doesn't work well with my M100s, and I can't actually get my money back, only store credit.

I'm also selling a Razer Ouroboros, not an audio thing.. But shameless plug.

Throw me a PM if you're interested.
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I have way more pictures for whoever wants them.
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