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For Sale:
[sold] Alessandro MS2 with new drivers, cable and headband.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Alessandro MS2 with original, smaller cups in great shape. I think this is an excellent look and prefer it to the larger MS2i mushroom cups, personally. I am not the first owner. the previous owner had the headphone sent to Grado for refurbishing.

The drivers are new MS2i drivers. The cable is the thicker, 8 strand MS2i cable. A new leather headband was also provided. So this headphone has all new parts that show almost no signs of wear. The cups are still original, of course, and you can see some light wear on the lettering.

These sound excellent with a less harsh treble than the Grado SR325 but with the magical midrange that people want from Grados. Bass is very punchy and soundstage is decently wide for an on-ear headphone.


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