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Beyerdynamic T1 with Luxman SQ-N100 - any thoughts?

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Hi guys,
I'm new here and need some advice.... To T1 or not to T1...

With 2 small kids I have postponed getting some decent speakers since the little ones tend to poke their fingers into them, which doesn't benefit their sound nor longevity. These speakers are also are the limiting factor in my audio-chain at the moment... I know the rest of the set deserves better speakers, but I'll wait a couple more years with upgrading until the kids realize daddy gets really upset when they touch his audio gear.
Now something I could stash away safely from their little poking fingers is a headphone...
I believe I have a nice little set that would deserve a good headphone and at the moment my thoughts are going to a Beyerdynamic T1.
Reason to look for the T1 (after having done some reading) is that it seems to be a good all-rounder. My choice of music varies from jazz to female vocals to progrock to classic and the occasional metal for good old times sake... No hiphop, electro or dance... Source would either be my CD-player or turntable, where I use the turntable more and more recently. When listening to music I do not care so much about bass. I know, it has to be there, but then please just let it be good and not over the top (I am sometimes amazed by people's obsession with bass)... More important to me is good vocals, a beautiful sounding trumpet or saxophone, being able to hear the little details... Being able to hear the silence, the space, someone moving or coughing in the background.... The delicate hitting of a cymbal or hi-hat... More that kind of thing, that's what I enjoy. And if they can also rock that would be brilliant. But in the end they should not be tiring, I should be able to listen to them for a couple of hours... So too much analytics would also not do it for me. I'd rather have musicality and the power to get my foot tapping over that last grain of detail or analysis.
I am not a modder nor can I justify owning more than one set of headphones. I have to make the right choice immediately and if it is the right choice I intend to stick with it for years to come. I am also not planning to buy a separate headphone amp because when reading some reviews my amp should have a fairly good headphone section. The only "mod" I have done is some tube rolling, replacing the standard tubes (of which I did not know their origin) by some higher quality tubes (or at least I hope so...). Future improvements would be a better cartridge for the turntable, better speakers, and potentially a Mac Mini with a separate DAC (at the moment I just have an iPad).

I'll have to save up a little more but I should be able to place an order around Christmas, so there's still some time to change my mind...

Now my question to you -the specialists- would be:
- are the T1's indeed good allrounders?
- how would they match with my amp and sources?
- any specific comments on how the T1 behaves with tubes?
- what alternatives should I consider for the T1?

The set I am playing with is listed below.
Amplifier: Luxman SQ-N100
CD-Player: Luxman D-N100
Turntable: Rega RP3 with Elys 2 cartridge
Speakers: Klipsch WB-14 (I ran out of budget, could not afford more)
Cables: ETI speaker cables and interconnect (w/ bullet plugs)
Tube rolling:
1 x Tung Sol 12AX7 / ECC803 Gold Balanced
2 x JJ 12AU7 / ECC802s Gold Pin Balanced
4 x Genalex Gold Lion EL84 Matched

I would really appreciate some feedback and thoughts.
Just remember, my budget does not stretch much further beyond the T1's... So 2 headphones is not an option... And the rest of the set is not moving either, to me the little Luxman is brilliant.

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Never mind... Found my answer in an old thread... Am convinced now that the T1 will be great with the Luxman...
Wish it were Christmas... Sigh...
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