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For Sale: WTS DreamEarz AUD-8X

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For Sale:
WTS DreamEarz AUD-8X

Will Ship To: Anywhere

WTS one month old AUD-8X. These are flagship CIEM from DreamEarz, equipped with 8 drivers and 4 ways cross over. They are mid centric, fast, and dynamic. There are some impressions laying around in Headfi.

Reason of selling is the sound sound signature isn't what I have imagined, and I already own a similar sounding CIEM.
Selling them at USD450 including shipping. Items included are what you see in the pictures (stock cables, water proof case, soft pouch and cleaning loop). Retail price of these are $865 and I topped another $45 for recessed sockets. You can reshell them at DreamEarz for under $150, so you will get these CIEM at as low as $600.
Please PM or email me for more information.


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Hello I would like to buy and live in the Republic of Korea.
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Hi Seokjin,

Before selling you the iems, I'd like to clarify that the iems are bought in September of 2013, so it's not really a month old anymore as I have posted this thread for a few months. Now if you don't mind that and still wanna buy, pls transfer the fund to my Paypal acc ( I will then send out the iems to you. Please include your shipping address on the remarks when you transfer the money to my Paypal acc.

I will be sending with a registered mail, so please make sure the shipping address has someone to receive the package. Also please let me know your email address so I can send you pictures when they are being packed and sent out.

Let me know if you have any question.

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I received a reply.
But you have a question. This is a universal fit product?
And how much including shipping to deposit it?
I look forward to hearing from. Have a nice day.
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Hi SeokJin, I have PMed you about the details.

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Hi redaxis.
Yes, I understand.
Paypal payments will be $ 450 now.
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