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For Trade: WTT: Mint LCD-2.2 + Cash for LCD-3

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For Trade:
WTT: Mint LCD-2.2 + Cash for LCD-3

Will Ship To: CONUS



I have been very fond of my LCD-2s for a few months now and I have saved up some funds so now I would like to pick up a pair of LCD-3s. I figured before selling the LCD-2 outright for cash, I'd see if anyone was in need of cash and considering possibly trading their LCD-3 down to a LCD-2. My LCD-2 is the latest revision Rosewood version and comes with the plastic connectors instead of wooden.


PM me to discuss specifics.


Thanks for looking!


Best Regards,


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I think it will be easier for you to just sell the LCD2 for cash, and then buy LCD3

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