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Alrighty now! Now these are singin'!. Put them through my amp, got the l-Cush pads (uncomfortable as hell), and did the tapemod with scotch vinyl electrical tape, and finally applied appropriate Eq and now these are starting to play some music!

I have now confirmed that it is impossible for me to give accurate impressions on a headphone without the assistance of Eq.

The bass is jus fantastic. It extends nice and low (not closed low), and is perfect in quantity except for the sub bass which I raised with EQ. They respond well!

The mids! I recessed the mids a bit ranging from 500hz to 4000hz and now the vocals aren't too upfront and honky. Much better balance with the music.

Highs: Tamed a little. I boost the frequencies above 16khz.

Soundstage: Now there's an actual soundstage. The c Cush just sounded like random sounds being played in your head but the soundstage now has shape. It's still small. Just not horrible anymore.

Ah I like these right now. They now sound better than the SR225i I heard in store and much better than the stock sr80i. This is an initial impression though.
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Just got the L-Cush pads today. It does improve the mids and highs, and there may be a slight loss of bass (the bass was almost a little too much before lol), and the soundstage improved slightly, but the difference isn't huge. They sound veeeeeeery similar to the SR225i right now.

I noticed the similarities the first time I heard them. Later, I saw that they also measure more similar than any of the others.
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