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New Soul Combat with Comply Pads

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I just saw this on Comply's Facebook page.

Soul released a new over-ear headphone, the Soul Combat+. They're trying to market cans to people who are active. Maybe it's just me, but I'd never run with cans on, no matter how good the seal is against my ears/head.


Here is the link


They look fine enough. I think this will do more for Comply than EOps will. I would have announced this headphone first if I were them, but oh well. So far, it doesn't really seem like Comply is promoting these new headphones or products except for a couple posts of Facebook or Twitter here or there, it's not substantial. It's an "interesting approach" I guess.


Regardless, I'd love to give these headphones and these a run!

How do other cans by Soul sound?



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Those look...fugly.  But if they have finely balanced and completely natural tonal response, I'd get past the look.

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Just ordered mine in yellow/black color. These are exactly what I was looking for for workouts.

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Well they arrived and yesterday I took em to the gym. Wow they sound like complete garbage! No mids and highs just pure muffled bass. Even bass is not articulate so I'm returning them right away. Built quality is great and comply pads are great too but sound quality is just unacceptable. These cans doesn't even react at EQ-ing at all.

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Wait a few weeks. If these are like any other Soul products, they will be deeply discounted very shortly. I'm talking like 75% off.


Oh, and I own the Soul SV3 (bought it majorly discounted). I needed a good bluetooth headset for the gym. They are good for the $30 price tag. Heavy bass, a little bulky for workouts. It's better than dealing with a cord, but I still get tired of adjusting them constantly.

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