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Dear HF Community,


I am in the market for a headphone that can be powered easily and go loud without distortion. I wish to power this headphone off of an Allen & Heath DJ mixer (Xone 92) and sometimes an iPhone 5. The instruction manual states to use headphones between 8 to 100 ohms, although I've powered a Sennheiser HD600 no problem. It is a pretty powerful headphone amp. I like a lot of rumble with a complete balanced sound, big sound & soundstage. I will be mostly using these for mixing/djing. I like to feel like I have hi-fi monitors/speakers attached to my head. I like to listen to/mix music louder than softer. I would love as much sound, bass, power and detail in the next pair of headphones. Budget wise, I am allotting up to $500, would rather spend close to $300.


Here is a list of some of the headphones & IEMS I own/have owned:


Sennheiser HD600
Akg 181DJ
Akg 420
Jvc ha-S500
ATH Pro700MK2
Westone 3
Sony XB90EX
Sennheiser IE800
Denon D600
Denon D2000
Denon D5000
Sony XB500
Ultrasone Pro 900
Ultrasone DJ1 Pro
Sennheiser HD25
A&H Xone XD-53
Pioneer HDJ 500
Sennheiser HD212
Vmoda M100
Sennheiser IE8
Atrio M5
Denon C300

Aurisonics ASG-2
Sennheiser IE80
HiSound Wooduo2
Westone UM3X



Out of all of these headphones, here are the ones that I favor and like the most.


Sennheiser IE80 - fun, big bass, warm, big soundstage

ATH Pro700MK2- my primary DJ can, goes loud, rumbles.

Sennheiser HD600 - balanced, warm, nice details, comfortable, airy.

Aurisonics ASG-2 - an IEM...but has a fun, involving, engulfing sound.

Akg 181DJ-my secondary DJ can, can rumble, smaller soundstage.


Both the AKG181 and PRO700MK2 go loud and rumble. Not the best detail, but can be pushed loud. From reading what I've used and like/liked, is there anything you can recommend me and push me towards?


I am considering the following: (but open to any recommendations)

Hifiman HE400 (may be hard to power?)

Denon D600 (may distort?)

Beyerdynamic 770, 880, 990 (Not sure which one will fit my sound/power needs)

Nuforce 800

M-Audio Q40

V-moda LP2