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8 core vs 4core

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Hi guys, what is the difference between the 2?
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All else being equal, lower resistance and lower inductance, but higher cable capacitance and subsequently crosstalk for 8 versus 4.

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So what does this translate to in laymans terms? Im trying to decide whether to go 4 core or 8 core since 8 core is heavier and more expensive

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I was wondering the same thing

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I tend to not like cables with multiple paths for the same signal.

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Please elaborate why
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Every one I tried sounded worse to me.:popcorn:

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gotta be more specific bro

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Same cable doubled up sounds less rhythmic and less black when I tried it. May tame more etched setups an why other may like it. Your results may vary but you wont see enough of anything but lower resistance that should be audible from measurements within the audio band so I don't really know what you expect other than opinion.

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