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For Sale: YAMAHA EPH-100 iems

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For Sale:
YAMAHA EPH-100 iems

Will Ship To: UK, EUROPE

***** SOLD *****

Am also selling little used Kef M200 in-ears (£110), TDK BA200 in-ears(£SOLD), TDK ie800 (£40) in-ears and Logitech UE900 in-ears (SOLD). All mint, boxed with complete accessories.
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Hiya, don't suppose your willing to trade my PFE012 for your EPH-100? I'm in the UK. I can add £10 to them if that helps. They are as new, fully boxed etc.
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Hiya, managed to sell my pfe's, how old are these, is there any warranty left at all?
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That was quick!

The EPH-100s were bought July 30th this year - so nearly 2 months old & well inside warranty. I'll dig out the receipt & include it in the package if you want them.
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Hiya, thank you,  OK I would like to offer £60 + paypal fees, with the invoice too.





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If you'll meet me half way - £65 + fees - then you've got yourself a shiny new pair of 'phones Lee.

Total would be £67.50 inc post.

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Hiya, sorry, I think I'm gonna leave it for now. Good luck with your sale though.





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Sod it - I just can't get past not having these to go with my Yamaha PRO500's, lets go for it!

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