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Hello fellow lovers of headphones.



I am currently doing a research assignment for a user experience class. Me and my partner both lovers of music decided to look into 

headphone products as a context. We wanted to explore what consumers look for when they look into headphones.


The research includes qualitative questions in the field that can illicit detailed response and allowing consumers to test varying headphones including; Pioneer HDJ1500, VMODA Crossfade LP2, Sennheiser HD-202II, EarPods, old Apple, Samsung Galaxy stock sets, cheap Skullcandy, and basic pairs of earbuds.


The other portion of the research includes much wider quantitative testing with a questionaire and card sorting. This is why I am here.

I am asking for your help in gathering this data on what we headphone users look for with this 9 question multiple choice survey.


If this is considered spam mods feel free to delete. I am sorry if it is (I did not see anywhere yet in the rules).

If you do participate I thank you for your participation. 



Interaction Designer/Amateur Head-Fi(er)