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Hey guys, 


I was looking and doing a lot of reading for the past few days in terms of looking for a proper headphone suited to the type of music i generally listen to as well as fits my lifestyle.  I listen to 90% trance music with artists such as Armin van buuren, BT, etc etc and i wear them mostly at work and at the gym so i need in ear ones.  I am not much of an audiophile so i do not know what to look for.  I looked into the Shure SE215 and Hifiman RE400 but not sure which would be best suited for the music i like.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated as i need a new pair of headphones.  My beats ones i got as a gift crapped out and only 1 side of the headphones work now.  


Oh build quiality and sound quality will be a factor.  Dont really want whatever i get to break within a few months.





edit. Headphones are not limited to the 2 i  mentioned.

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