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For Sale: STAX SR-5 with SRD-6 Adaptor

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
STAX SR-5 with SRD-6 Adaptor

Will Ship To: CONUS , Canada

SOLD to yet another excellent head-fier!






 I don't think these need any introduction do they?


Had these for a while and am slowly moving towards more portable audio. These honestly do not get any use like they really deserve. I finally understand what people mean by that.


Only selling for downsizing reasons. Simply too much stuff here. I'll probably regret this later.

At this price I am probably better off just keeping these.


  • No channel imbalance
  • Pads in great shape still reasonably supple super great seal (cleaned and conditioned after I got these)
  •  SRD-6 adaptor working perfectly ( can be used 100-240 Volts ) This adaptor is wall-powered which is arguably better than S/B ones since it has constant power feed rather than the speaker terminal fed S/B ( Self Biasing ) models.
  • ALL BADGES INTACT and present
  • I applied De-oxit to the cable plug end pins a little while before they were put away and these were always stored on that stand in the pictures under a plastic dust cover


***Given the ridiculous prices of stuff these days I'd say this is a fair price, considering it is SHIPPED cost and also looking at  what some sellers are asking for electrets...and those are sure a gamble. Heck what does this amount buy you shipped in the regular headphones section even??? Go take a look :)


The only things worth mentioning , pretty minor stuff ( to me anyhow ) ,are  :


  • a tiny hairline crack below cable entry point on right cup, which is fairly common on many of these old units and is in no way going to fall apart or worsen in any way with normal use. Truly is hairline.
  • minor fraying of the cable sleeve fabric at one point but no wires are damaged. I was going to stitch it up with some white thread but it never bothered me and I forgot about it honestly it was that unnoticable during use.
  • these came to me with a missing cup hinge pin and the previous owner had simply used a tiny pressure-fit brad nail instead, which was good enough for use, but it bothered me as it would drop out so I carefully epoxied a better metal pin into that spot. Can be seen on the left of the left cup picture. ( see ... hard to tell unless you knew what to look for ) It simply allows the cup mount to pivot there and works perfectly well, much better than what he had used. If you want to get fancy I am sure you could go to town and redo that, but honestly no need to. 


If you are the buyer , since they have not been in active use for a while here, please allow some time for these to charge up again, as is often the case when electrostatics are not used for a long period of time. I know for a fact last time I used these there is no channel imbalance. I'm fussy with that sort of thing ...drives me nuts:bigsmile_face:

 After that they should be functioning perfectly fine. Shouldn't take long at all.



enough blabbing pictures say it all.


*** stand not included :ph34r: 

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^ Great deal!!! :beerchug:

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Too bad I'm in Europe. Great deal tough.



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SOLD! Thanks for the excellent transaction.

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In the mid 70's I purchased this set, but sometime in 2005 I lost the SR-5 ear-speakers.  Would you be interested in selling the SR-5 ear-speakers alone?  Otherwise is your set still available and how much are you asking for them?

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