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Bassy Headphones

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I'm looking for headphones with deep sub bass and clear highs. I don't wan't a smiley eq'd sound just something that projects the deep bass well without sacrificing mids and treble.

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the hd 650 sounds great with an amp, ultrasone pro900 does also have a nice punchy bass which i really love but kinda lacking in the lows, mids in my opinion not as natural as you would want it. i heard the v-moda m-100 and the sennheiser momentum also have really nice sub bass but i havent personally listened to it myself
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What's your budget? I've been using the audio-technica M50 for a couple years now and they have very good extension on both ends of the frequency spectrum. They do have a slight mid-bass boost and a narrow spike in the treble, so depending on what you're listening to the sub-bass and the upper highs could be masked. For example, a rap song might start out with an 808 bass kick, but then a higher-frequency bassline comes in and drowns out the sub-bass from the 808. If you have an EQ this problem is easily fixed, though. Even the iTunes EQ works pretty well, just lower the 125 slider about 3 dB and the 8K by 6. A 20-20K frequency response isn't hard to get out of a headphone, the problem is that so many of them have boosts in the mid-bass and mid-treble that drown out the frequencies below and above those boosts. 

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M-Audio Q40 is one of the go-to's for lots of bass. Mids and highs are very smooth. Treble is a bit laid back though.


If you want neutral bass that extends very deep, try KEF M500 or AKG K550.

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Pro900 to me has the best bass of all and I have a few good basshead phones (see sig).  Can be found for $250ish


M-Audio Q40 for $130ish is the next tier down and may have bass to match the Pro900.  Needs aftermarket pads but worth it. 

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q40 even without aftermarket pads is very good.  most bass in my collection.  generally use it with ipod, line out, and e11.  I'm always surprised by how good it sounds.

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