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JH5 Pro vs. UE5 Pro?

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I'm in the market for entry-level customs.

But I'm only willing to spend around $400 for them.

What would be the better option for me? JH Audio's entry-level CIEM or UE5s?

I understand that the UE5 costs more, but I really want custom color/art.


I currently own a few universals, my best being the Westone UM3X.

I need good sound; I listen to electronic music so good bass is desired.

I hear that the JH5 is a UE4 with newer drivers (since the same person made both of them).

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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I can't talk about the models you mentioned, I'd love to hear them. 


For your price range: 1964 triple, they have good reviews


BA4 from cosmic ears



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JH5 is suppose to be a better tuned UE5 according to Jerry Harvey. It is a fantastic custom for the money. It has the same amount of bass as UM3X but much better crispness and clarity and a larger soundstage. Its been a real workhorse for me the past 3 years.
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The jh5 is great and has a signature that I think the majority would enjoy. I've owned it for around 2 years and it's going nowhere
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Why not just resell your um3x into a custom and add drivers?
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Turbocharging a finely tuned instrument is a very bad idea. Get something designed for the purpose.


I only briefly heard it once but still think the JH5 is one of the best values in IEMs. 

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