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I never understood the idea that the HD800 is like an upgraded K701/702. I've heard both on many setups and don't think they sound similar at all. Maybe there's some similar categories they both excel at, but I wouldn't say it's a lock that a K701 fan is going to like the HD800. I think it's more likely an HD650 fan would like the HD800. The K701 is a more urgent sounding phone, based on what I recall about the HD800. It brings a lot of life to something like the original Judas Priest Painkiller cd. The HD800 is significantly more laid back, if memory serves. Perhaps the upgraded opinion is more specific to certain types of music sounding better on the 800.


Agreed. I've owned 2 K701's and a K702 and now own the HD800's. I love the AKG's but the tonality is in stark contrast to the Senn's. The only similarity is the large soundstage. 

The HD600's are closer to the HD800's than the AKG's. 
I used to own the HE500's (sorry havent heard the 400) at the same time as the K702's and thought they complimented each other well. As far as resolution, refinement and dynamics went -the Hifimans won easily. The AKG's are great for imaging, more so the later models since the soundstage width has been brought-in a little. The dry midrange can be very good for classical, Jazz, acoustic music. I also loved them for ambient electronic. 
My only ever problem with the AKG's is the upper mid spikes. This sounds unnatural to me and adds a nasal, plastiky tone to certain music. A little equalizing can help here. 
For me HE500's were a clear upgrade, but with a sacrifice of sound-stage and imaging. But it depends on your taste in music whether you would miss these attributes. 
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Just listened to the HE 400 and K702 in a LONG A/B test after receiving them today. Listened to them without burn in and only with the stock Leather pads on the HE 400. (So my comparison may not be accurate)


At first, i found the HE 400 to be very muddy compared to the K702. However, after 2 hours of listening and burning them in; i can physically feel the drivers begin to relax and sound A LOT better and more natural. (CAN"T WAIT for a real burn in of 100+ hours, and the velours pads since i heard it helps) 


I found the HE 400 to be MUCH MUCH more engaging, it just have so much energy and speed. The bass is INFINITELY better in every possible way, more bass impact, more bass extension,  more lower end detail. I found the mids and highs to be not as forward as the ones on the K702, but it is very detailed and sounds very good nerveless. (Even on classical music)


The only area i found the K702 to be crushing the HE400 is in soundstage. Especially for classical music, i found the width of the K702 soundstage to be awe inspiring, while the HE 400 gives you a more intimate feel. (a much smaller soundstage) I cannot judge the depth of the soundstage yet, as i only had a couple of hours on the HE 400.


So far i'm fairly happy with the He400, hope they can get even better with more burn in + velour pads if that helps. 


Last thing i noticed is that the K702 sometimes get a very shrill high range. While the HE 400 is more of a "smooth" high range, better for easy listening. But i think the K702 have more extension up in the high range.  


Still can't decide which one i like the most yet. They're all VERY VERY good.

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Watch out though, some songs with excess high treble will sound really shrill on the HE-400.  Thankfully it doesn't kick in until the really high frequencies so it's a limited thing depending on the track.

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Hehe, I actually found the he400 to be much less shrill than the k702.

I think it may be bedside of the fact that the bass is now acutlly there, therefore covering up some mids and highs. But it'll be good because now I'm hearing the whole spectrum

I still think the akg have more high extendsion though, it's 39.8k hz vs the he 400 at 35k hz
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