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For Sale: Modded Grado Sr 225

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For Sale:
Modded Grado Sr 225

Will Ship To: CONUSA

What we have here is a pair of Grado SR225. They are fully vented for a deeper bass sound. When I vent Grados I do not merely poke holes in the felt ring around the diaphragm. I fully remove the material so it doesn’t vibrate and shed dust.


Also, the cups are not glued back together—the residual glue and the press fit hold together nicely. This allows the cups to be pulled apart to facilitate experimenting with damping or even replacing the felt.


The “loin cloth” is replaced by attaching a piece of dryer fabric softener sheet after it has been run in a dryer. It is more “sonically transparent” than the stock cloth and looks much cooler! It is attached with silicone caulking which can be cut with a Xacto knife and be removed.


Recabled with Canare Star Quad cable--four feet long

Cable Organizer Nylon Mulifilament Braided Sleeving

REAN 1/8 inch gold contact jack


Grado S (comfy) pads and L (bowl) cushions included and are washed and sanitized.


20 foot extender cable included.

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